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The technology behind a roller shades is relatively simple; a hollow tube allows you to raise or drop a large sheet of fabric that is fitted to your windows or doors and a ratchet holds it in place with a spring allow for rapid operation. They move up and down smoothly and can be totally retracted quickly by using a simple jerk motion. Modern designs also feature remote control capabilities – or even operation from smart devices like your phone or computer tablet to give you complete control over the volume of sunlight entering your home or business.

It is only natural that we want to enjoy more of the glorious Floridian sunshine, but sometimes that sun can heat up your home to uncomfortable levels, lead to higher energy bills and make it difficult to sleep – especially in south Florida. The perfect solution is roller shades and our latest innovations make it simple to control the sunlight in your home or office

Roller Shades allows you to have more control over the level of sunlight in your home. While there are full blackout options available, you can also have screens made of transparent fabrics that allow for soft lighting and you can also choose the level to roll the design down to so you can block out the harshest rays but still allow sunlight into your home. With traditional blinds, you are basically looking at all or nothing. You are either getting most or all of the sun’s rays coming into your home or none at all. Because roller shades are made of fabric, they will also breathe as well so you can enjoy variable levels of breeze coming into your home. Traditional designs have more of an insulating effect and will block out all of the outside breezes and temperatures.

Curtains have long been a Florida staple, but roller Shades are rapidly becoming a preferred option because of the benefits and advantages they offer. Roller Shades just look more modern with their sleek lines and perfect fit in your window or door cavities and they are so versatile that they will work in any room, any style of home. They are far more efficient when it comes to blocking out the sun so you can lower your energy costs and there have been many innovations like energy-efficient fabrics that will trap air and help regulate the temperature in your room. And when it comes to cleaning, Shades are far more low maintenance than curtains which will need to be removed and often taken to the professionals for cleaning. They can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth and look brand new straight away.

This term refers to how the fabric rolls out over the hollow tubing that the top of the shades. It can either run down the back of the tube or over the top and around the front. If you want to block out more light, a back roll is better as it will sit flush against the window and in the recess to cut out lighting. An over-the-top option is going to let a little bit of light in (which some people prefer) and can also allow more breeze in as well. Ultimately, the choice is yours and there are numerous options available through our line to suit your needs.

RIPPLE Fold Drapery Ripple Fold Drapery is one of our best-selling curtain styles. It’s sleek and modern, but also functional and easy to operate. This drapery design is a great selection if you plan on opening and closing your draperies and curtains every day, as it glides effortlessly along a track. It’s also a particularly popular choice for sliding glass doors because of its ease of movement along the track. We are also seeing a layering trend with draperies and curtains, where sheer, solar or light-filtering materials are layered under a heavier drapery fabric as shown in the image above. This technique adds depth and dimension to your windows and enhances the visual appeal of the space. TAILORED PLEAT DRAPERY Tailored Pleat Drapery is another best-selling drapery design at The Shade Store. It’s fuller and has an understated elegance. Its waterfall pleats are held stiff with a buckram stiffener, allowing this type of drapery to be functional and easy to operate. Similar to our Ripple Fold style, our Tailored Pleat draperies and curtains are available in many different colors, patterns and materials. Tailored Pleat Drapery — Linen Sheers, White If you are looking for a lighter material, our Linen Sheers may be a good solution for you. Alternatively, if you need something more substantial to help block a drafty window, our wools and blends collection is worth consideration for your draperies and curtains. PINCH PLEAT DRAPERY Our Pinch Pleat Drapery is classically beautiful. The pleats are pinched 4 inches from the top of the curtains, creating a simple but stunning shape. Similar to Tailored Pleat, this drapery style is held stiff with buckram fabric, making it easy to operate and functional. While the pinch pleat drapery style is more traditional, it’s easy to give it a contemporary upgrade with layers. INVERTED PLEAT DRAPERY Inverted Pleat Drapery is a unique curtain design in that while it’s neatly pleated, it still has a casual and relaxed character. This drapery style is better suited for decoration — not ideal for frequent opening and closing. If you need to control light, we suggest layering it with a roller or solar shade. GOBLET DRAPERY Goblet Drapery is designed with a sophisticated shape, showcasing large goblet pleats along the top of the panels. Similar to our Inverted Pleat Drapery style, our Goblet Drapery is best used as a decorative accent and is not ideal for frequent use. Goblet Drapery has a large stack, which means that when open, more fabric will cover your windows. GROMMET DRAPERY Grommet Drapery, as its name suggests, is hung from a rod with grommet rings. In addition to the many material and color selections at your fingertips, our grommets come in attractive finishes. We recommend matching the color of the grommet to the drapery rod and hardware. Grommet Drapery has a dramatic appearance, thanks to its deep folds. It’s primarily a decorative curtain style — not ideal for frequent use. It’s important to note that the fabric of the grommet drapery measures one inch above the actual rod, due to the grommet inlay within the fabric. ROD POCKET DRAPERY Our Rod Pocket Drapery is a classic, casual and traditional choice. The fullness of this drapery design is created by the gathered fabric near the rod pocket. Rod Pocket Drapery works best as stationary panels, as they’re not ideal for frequent opening and closing. The pocket for the drapery rod is able to accommodate up to a two-inch diameter pole. In contrast to the goblet and inverted pleat drapery styles, our rod pocket draperies and curtains have a medium stack. CUBICLE DRAPERY Our Cubicle Drapery is a great option if you’re looking something a little more budget-friendly. This style is incredibly versatile and functional, making it perfect for everyday use. Small grommets attach to hook carriers, allowing the cubicle curtain to glide easily along its track. The cubicle drapery style has our most minimal stack. Want to see how each of our draperies and curtains look installed on your windows? Request a complimentary rendering or explore our inspirational draperies and curtains photo gallery. Know exactly which draperies and curtains you want, or do you still have some questions? Either way our expert Design Consultants are here to help. Visit our Show Room for window treatments or give us a call, or email.